Imagine if your AB Testing Platform actually delivered solutions

Convincely can design, deliver, and optimize a high-performance sales funnel - while AB testing platforms are busy testing button colors.

Delight your customers, win their loyalty - and boost your sales by at least 35% within 90 days.

Convincely works

Do you sometimes feel that
AB testing’s overrated?

Testing’s slow and requires expert knowledge

Each test demands more optimizations and development

Testing and development drains your resources

AB testing platforms

A personalized sales funnel and a team of CRO and design experts that can take care of everything

A slow testing and iteration process that might gradually improve your performance - if you develop solutions


Surprisingly affordable

Expensive once regular development work is factored in



Many months


An 80-point data check to ensure you enjoy accurate results and authentic data

Errors are common as expert AB testing knowledge is required


Low-risk - with countless testimonials from brands in your sector

Moderate risk - you could build expensive features that don’t work


Convincely can implement everything - and free your team to focus on growth

Heavy - you have to implement a change in response to every AB test

Time commitment

A quick onboarding process and a light-touch service - we handle any heavy lifting

AB testing is a constant process that uses countless business resources

Build an experience that's already proven to perform

Move faster with proven parts. We build user experiences using components and strategies that get tested constantly with high-performance digital brands. So you can look forward to constant improvements.

“Convincely is a UX product owner’s dream.”

- Henry Guhl, AIA Australia

Move faster with help from our conversion experts

Get world-class support. Our team of highly-skilled designers and developers is always available. We can build everything – or give your developers technical support and free access to our pre-tested components.

“Our digital team is so impressed by what Convincely have done.”

- Emma Gray, RAC

Upgrade from AB testing to actionable analytics

Transform your testing experience. Convincely puts
actionable, evidence-based analytics and business-relevant reports at your fingertips – with easy integrations, your own dedicated account manager, and no hidden costs.

“Convincely helps to cut through ambiguity and determine which things are valuable.”

- Joel Kenyon, RMIT Online

‘You know all the big UX ideas you have in your head that you’ve always wanted to build into your online shopping experience, but you can’t because it’s too resource intensive? With Convincely, you can do it in 1/5th the time and it’s all effortless.

Henry GUHL
Senior Manager, Channel Optimisation
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Use our API integration to connect Convincely to almost any tool in your stack.

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Frequently Asked

What are A/B testing platforms?

A/B testing platforms are platforms that enable you to discover how any changes to a website page have impacted your conversion rate, via split testing.

A/B testing software will run two versions of a website page, split the traffic between them and compare the performance with detailed analytics. Sometimes they include design platforms – or they might integrate with your existing website.

Once you’ve generated sufficient data, you can identify the version with the highest conversion rate and consider any optimization steps for your website or landing page.

A/B testing can be an effective strategy to improve your conversion rates.

However, it can be slow, expensive, and resource-heavy to continually identify potential optimizations, come up with tests, and develop new versions of each website page.

Convincely includes a complete suite of pre-tested parts that have delivered results for top brands in your sector – and a team of world-class developers and designers who are ready to assist your team.

What do A/B testing platforms do?

A/B testing platforms enable you to split-test traffic, test user experience hypotheses – and improve conversion rates across your website.

A/B testing platforms typically include powerful test management features, so you can decide how many variants of each page to publish – and how much traffic to send to each page.

Powerful analytics tools should be standard – so that you can track conversions as well as more granular customer interaction.

Some A/B testing platforms include design tools; whereas some integrate with your existing website.

However, all A/B testing platforms require a specific set of skills to come up with ideas for testing – and significant design and development resources to put them into action.

Convincely includes ongoing help from our team of world-class designers and developers – so you can get faster and more affordable results than any A/B testing platform.

Why is Convincely a better choice than an A/B testing platform?

Convincely offers ongoing expert help and a team of pre-tested parts and components that enable you to build optimized experiences faster.

A/B testing requires specific technical skills and can be extremely resource-intensive – with the need for ongoing design and development work.

Many companies invest in expensive A/B testing platforms, then struggle to get value out of them due to insufficient time, in-house resources, or budget.

Convincely can deliver faster and more affordable results than any A/B testing platform available on the market.


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