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How does it work?

Seamless & holistic integration to help you get more out of Adobe Target.

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Struggling to run complex tests on Adobe Target?

Training required due to Target’s harsh learning curve
Development eats up your company’s resources
Countless forced integrations and hidden costs
Adobe Target by itself
Adobe Target + Convincely
A set of complex tools to build and test your own digital experiences from scratch - with expensive training packages and customer support agents to support you
A kit of pre-built and pre-tested components to build digital experiences faster - with plugins and a team of Integration Specialists on call to support you
ROI Impact
Simple tests that focus on button colors, headlines and page layout variations
Higher-impact testing by quickly integrating pricing APIs, recommendation APIs & product APIs that are more likely to boost conversions
Manual copywriting for each audience segment without any assistance
Powerful AI generated conversions-focused copy for different audience segments
Hit and miss - as you are on your own when it comes to design and testing
Fast and reliable - as you’ll build with components and strategies that are proven to deliver results
Integrations are required to get full reporting capabilities - with extra costs and technical headaches
Improved data accuracy of Adobe Target Tests - 80 point checks and page lag analysis conducted regularly. Analyze not just based on online web outcomes but also offline conversion data
High risk - hidden costs for reporting integrations and regular updates that can disrupt tracking
Low-risk - with countless testimonials from brands in your sector and no hidden integration/support costs
Target customers report that it’s ‘resource-intensive, with little support’
Provides you with the tools to reduce time & effort along with a team of Integration Engineers available on call 24x7
Time commitment
Target customers report slow support and the need for ongoing training
Easy & quick integration - A quick onboarding process and a light-touch service

All the optimization features you’ll ever need

UX Conversion Library™ for questionnaires, comparisons, and recommendations


Select from a wide range of pre-tested question and answer layouts suitable for mobile and desktop. Get recommendations on which format would suit your question type to decrease friction and increase click-through.

Convincely tracks all interactions in your analytics reporting, no tags to set up!

Product Comparison

Make it simple for your customers to compare your products and services with comparison layouts personalized to their needs and requirements.

Convincely’s components are field-tested and proven to perform and convert on desktop and mobile. Your friendly neighborhood Performance Manager will guide you in the right direction to help your customers.

Product Recommendations

Provide your customers with a confident personalized recommendation that helps to reduce anxiety and make your business look like product and service experts. Leave no doubt in your customer’s minds that your recommendation is the right solution for them.

Lead capture and application forms

Don’t lose out on sales and leads because of ugly, difficult-to-use application and lead capture forms.

All components have been stress tested to work beautifully on touch and desktop devices, increasing trust in your business and helping the customer fill out complicated details quickly and accurately.

Achieve personalization at scale using AI

AI Personalization Engine

Our personalization engine suggests copy, questions, and answers in your brand’s tone, allowing you to take your personalization to a proper scale.

It’s as simple as providing the following information

  • Website URL
  • Description of business
  • Product features
  • Unique selling points
  • Google Ads ID number

Convincely’s AI Personalization Engine generates hundreds of themes and unique journeys for your campaigns and segments in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is the review, edit, and publish!

Analytics, tracking, reporting, and data warehousing

Channel level reports

Audience reports

Social media tracking

Revenue reports

Call centre insights

Full sales funnel view

Data warehousing

Performance management and support team

Performance Manager

We designed Convincely to perform. Get the most out of Convincely with regular catch-ups with your dedicated Performance Manager. With their assistance, you’ll prioritize a testing backlog aimed at running complex experiments every month and increase your conversions, sales, and customer loyalty with every optimization.

Support Team

An expert team is on hand to ensure your experience runs buttery smooth. You and your Performance Manager will have UX designers, UX researchers, developers, integration specialists, data scientists, and QA, to launch and support your funnel optimizations.

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Our team is always here to answer your questions and offer around-the-clock support. You can relax knowing that your data is secure and protected.

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We do all the heavy lifting with your backend integrations. You just need to add one line of code to your website.

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Discover what success looks like

‘You know all the big UX ideas you have in your head that you’ve always wanted to build into your online shopping experience, but you can’t because it’s too resource-intensive? With Convincely, you can do it in 1/5th the time and it’s all effortless.’

Henry Guhl Senior Manager, Channel Optimisation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adobe Target?

Adobe Target is a cloud-based platform that enables you to build and test digital customer experiences.

  • Adobe Target Standard is the base product and front end that enables you to create customer experiences with A/B testing and manage rules-based targeting activities.
  • Adobe Target Premium adds features to enhance personalization and targeting.

Adobe Target is a capable platform for building customer experiences and A/B testing.

Adobe Target could require significant and ongoing development resources in order to continually build complex A/B tests and test customer experiences. Additionally, there are hidden costs - for example, if you want to use Adobe Analytics too.

Convincely offers a complete package of tools, pre-tested parts - and ongoing support from our team of integration specialists.

What does Adobe Target do?

Adobe Target enables you to build and test digital customer experiences for mobile and desktop devices.

You can use Adobe Target to build websites, online stores, landing pages, or any other digital customer experiences and sales or marketing assets for your business.

Adobe Target enables you to perform AB-testing and gradually improve the performance of your digital customer experience assets. Adobe Target customers report that this is an extremely resource-intensive and expensive process to run complex A/B test; from development work to paying additional fees for access to Adobe Analytics.

With Convincely’s integration, get access to a complete suite of tools, pre-tested parts, and ongoing technical and creative support.

Why should I integrate Convincely with Adobe Target?

Adobe Target & Convincely go together like salt & pepper.

While Adobe Target might require constant and ongoing development work, analytics, and creative assets to run complex A/B tests,
Convincely can supply both the tools and any expertise that you may require in order to evolve and improve your customer experiences.

You can build customer experiences with our library of pre-tested parts - which have been proven to deliver results for top brands in your sector. And you’ll enjoy ongoing support from our team of integration specialists to help you make the most of Adobe Target.