Plans to suit your challenges

No design or development required
Executed by just adding one line of Convincely code to your website
Plan and strategize with your team. Execute and deploy with Convincely
Set-up cost
Monthly costs


One time design and setup fee.
Set-up cost
From $10k
Monthly costs

Flat Rate

Flat Rate engagements start at $2.5k per month.
Set-up cost
Based on requirements
Monthly costs
From $2.5k


Only pay after achieving an uplift in conversion results.
Minimum 15% conversion uplift guaranteed
Set-up cost
Based on requirements
Monthly costs
An agreed cost based on the additional conversion uplift generated by Convincely.
How is the conversion uplift calculated?
Minimum engagement
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All inclusive features

Convincely is a purpose-built personalization and conversion rate optimization platform, with a full suite of features and integrations.

AI Personalization Engine

Copy and content suggester
Question and answer engine
Mimics brand tone of voice
Bulk segment journey builder
Develop 100’s of dynamic journeys in days

UX Conversion Library

Questionnaire & answer components
Product comparison layouts
Product recommendation modules
Lead capture and application forms
Landing page templates

Performance Management

Performance Manager
24/7 Multidomain Support Team
UX research and campaign goal formation

Monthly reporting, every metric explained

Real-time progress reports
All tracking info made available
Integration with Google and Adobe
Dashboards via web portal
Integration with major CRMs
Scheduled calls

Optimization & Testing

Machine learning phone analysis

Data and Security

256bit SSL & Server side encryption
Full-stack integration
Data integration
Use existing infrastructure
SOC 2 Compliant
GDPR Compliant

Integrate easily with your tech

API integration to connect to almost any tool in your stack.

Plus many more...

Personalize entire campaigns from ad to sale

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Partner testimonials

"You know all the big UX ideas you have in your head that you’ve always wanted to build into your online shopping experience, but you can’t because it’s too resource intensive? With Convincely, you can do it in 1/5th the time and it’s all effortless."
Henry Guhl
Senior Manager, Channel Optimisation
"Convincely is an excellent partner. Their team has so many ideas and they move so fast. It’s refreshing. We almost can’t keep up with them, they’re an engine that is constantly coming back with great optimization ideas."
Ashley Lenz
Digital Strategist, Audibel