UX Conversion Library™


Select from a wide range of pre-tested question and answer layouts suitable for mobile and desktop.

Get recommendations on which layout would suit your question type to decrease friction and increase click-through.

All interactions are tracked in your analytics reporting, no tags to set up!

100’s of questionnaire components to suit any inquiry

Product Comparisons

Make it simple for your customers to compare your products and services with comparison lay outs personalized to their needs and requirements.

All components have been field tested to perform and convert on desktop and mobile, and your friendly neighbourhood Performance Manager will guide you in the right direction to help your customers.

Experiment with pre-tested product comparison layouts

Product Recommendations

Provide your customers with a confident personalized recommendation that helps to reduce anxiety and make your business look like product and service experts.

Leave no doubt in your customer’s mind your recommendation is the solution they’re looking for.

Convert customers with real needs based recommendations

Lead capture and application forms

Don’t lose out on sales and leads because of ugly, difficult-to-use application and lead capture forms.

All components have been stress tested to work beautifully on touch devices as well as desktop that increase trust in your business and help the customer fill out complicated details quick and accurately.

100’s of questionnaire components to suit any inquiry

AI Personalization Engine

Achieve personalization at scale using AI

Our personalization engine suggests copy, questions and answers in your brands tone allowing you to take your personalization at a true scale.

It’s as simple as providing the following information:

  • Website URL
  • Description of business
  • Product features
  • Unique selling points
  • Google Ads ID number

Convincely’s AI Personalization Engine then generates up to 100’s of themes and unique journeys for your campaigns and segments in a matter of minutes, you just need review, edit and publish!

Example of AI generated “Car insurance” question and answers


Performance Manager

Convincely is designed to perform.

Get the most out of Convincely with your dedicated Performance Manager whom you’ll catch up with regularly to prioritize the testing backlog they’ll assist you in putting together, aiming to run complex experiments every month and get your conversions, sales, and customer loyalty increase with every optimization.

Support Team

An expert team is on hand to make sure your experience runs buttery smooth.

You and your Performance Manager will have UX designers and researchers, developers, integration specialists, data scientists, and QA, to launch and support your funnel optimizations

Reporting and data

Channel level reports

See the marketing performance for each of your traffic channels and understand where you get the highest return on investment.

Our channel level reports are able to be integrated into your CRM so that you can visualize performance at both 'cost per lead' and 'cost per sale'.


Visualize how your major audience segments are performing when it comes to questionnaire completion, lead capture or sale.

Gain insights that are going to drive efficiencies when it comes to reaching your ideal target audience with your ongoing marketing efforts.

Social media tracking

Convincely's reporting engine gives you insights on how your social media marketing is performing. See which platforms, campaigns or ad sets are driving success for your organization.

Get insights on top of funnel actions like audience reach and engagements, right through to bottom of funnel performance and customer acquisition initiatives.


See which clicks are driving new revenue for your organization.

The Convincely reporting engine is able to integrate into your CRM or other backend tools. Measure both online or offline conversions and the corresponding revenue for each new customer acquisition.

Call centre insights

Access visualizations that can help improve your call centre performance.

Convincely's reporting engine can plug into your back end operational reporting platforms, allowing you to expose even more performance insights.

Full sales funnel view

Unlock additional marketing ROI with our full sales funnel visualizations.

See which parts of your questionnaire or experience cause friction and develop hypotheses aimed to remove any bottle necks and improve your website conversion rates.

Data warehousing

Convincely's reporting engine is powered by an advanced Data Warehouse capability.

This allows you to combine data from hundreds of sources like Google Analytics, CRM data, databases and advertising channels.

The warehouse powers infinite capabilities when it comes to exposing insights with intuitive visualizations.

World-class support and security

Cloud Status
All systems operational
99.99% uptime guarantee
ISO 27001 Certified
SOC 2 Certified
GDPR Compliant
256bit SSL Encryption

We have your back

Our team is always here to answer your questions and offer around-the-clock support. You can relax knowing that your data is secure and protected.

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