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Troy Sheahan
CEO, Members Own Health Funds

“Customer location” question iterative optimizations

Friction points
  • No personalization or dynamic content based on segmentation
  • Hidden and moving information with accordion layout
  • Main call-to-action below the fold
  • Not touch-friendly
  • Poor mobile experience
  • Lack of product information and trust markers
Results: Baseline experience
Gamified buttons
Removed the original dropdown method of capturing the customer’s location to make it visually interesting while allowing them to take action with one click. (Conversion Library™)
One action per page
Focuses customer’s attention on making one action at a time, instead of multiple questions per screen (Conversion Library™)
Side panel
Added optimized buttons that help explain the options to customers to inform them about the service and products. (Conversion Library™)
Results: 35% uplift in conversions
Responsive layout
Research showed customers were confused with end-to-end progression, added to set expectations (Conversion Library™)
Displays the first answer from the customer, providing some immersion to the customer as they can influence the interface (Conversion Library™)
Answers frequently asked questions and provide hints and tips to help customers complete questions (Conversion Library™)
Optimization tracker
Provides feedback to the customer when they answer questions and lets them know the responses lead to an outcome or solution (Conversion Library™)
Dynamic social proof
This component dynamically loads testimonials from similar segments so that the content is contextual to the customer (Conversion Library™)
Input optimization
The previous state selector buttons were not converting well as some of the state buttons were too small to click/press (Conversion Library™)
Results: 6% decrease in conversions
Touch-optimized buttons
Removed the original dropdown to provide a richer responsive experience on desktop and touch devices. (Conversion Library™)
Reviews integration
Displays live review content from popular review platforms and generate trust from social evidence (Conversion Library™)
Gamified personalization
Inspired by games, an avatar of the customer is displayed prominently to provide a sense of immersion and interaction (Conversion Library™)
Results: 66% uplift in conversions
Optimization tracker
The optimization tracker was iterated over many versions to be more informative with a layout that’s easier to digest (Conversion Library™)
Question summary
Provides the customer with transparency of questions they’ll be asked to alleviate journey anxiety.
New side panel
Updated the side panel to contextualize the question so that the layout is more straightforward and clearer to read. (Conversion Library™)
Results: 89% uplift in conversions